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A blast from the past

A couple of weeks ago I was looking at the Stone Steps Webalizer website stats and noticed a sharp drop in visits. Usually that would mean that there was something wrong with the infrastructure, but taking a closer look at the server and the network I couldn't find anything that would point to the problem. The next day was similar, which made me wonder what kind of a world event has happened that drew traffic away off my site.

IE8 - is there a hope for a better browser?

Internet Explorer v7 is probably the worst software title ever released by Microsoft, sporting poorly designed UI, various web standards followed inconsistently, lack of innovation and absence of any built-in developers tools. In hope that Microsoft learned from their IE7 mistakes, I downloaded IE8 beta and gave it a try. Let's have a look.

Random security

Generating good random values is critical for security of applications using them. Unfortunately, far more critical than many developers realize, as was highlighted by the recent flurry of DNS servers reported vulnerable to various forms of attacks based of predictability of their transaction identifiers.

Data object serialization

The concept of serializing data objects located in memory, so they can be stored or transmitted over a network link, has been around for a long, long time. Seems that almost everyone took their shot at it over the last 20-30 years - RPC, Borland's streamable interfaces, MFC's archives, Java's remote method invocation (RMI),  ASN.1, distributed COM, SOAP, XML RPC, just to name a few well-known ones and not to mention myriads of proprietary designs.