Ninja Gaiden II

The first Ninja Gaiden game for the original X-Box console was one of the best games I played, and that is including the Halo series. Released approximately at the same time as Halo, Ninja Gaiden pushed the mere 700 MHz X-Box to the limit and featured absolutely stunning animation and beautifully rendered backgrounds of an amazing world of a fiend-infested Vigoorian empire. When Ninja Gaiden II for XBox 360 came out, I just had to see what Team Ninja can do with three 3.2 GHz cores.


Bioshock TV commercial caught my attention one day - giant tormented monsters, little spooky girls with glowing eyes, the city under the sea and hoards of were-humans attacking a stranger caught up in an friendly-looking brutal world of Rapture... It looked like a good story and I like a good one in a game, so I was looking forward to playing it. Last week came across a copy of BioShock and gave it a try.