JavaScript string accessed C-style

A couple of days ago I came across JavaScript code in which a developer replaced an array object with a string and forgot to change the subscripting operator to a charAt() call, so the code looked like this:

var s = new String("0123456789");
var c = s[4];

Much to my surprise, the code appeared to work just fine when compiled in ASP and it also worked in FireFox, Opera, Chrome and Safari, although failed in Internet Explorer.

Server-side connector for FCK editor

FCK editor comes with a neat file browser that comes in very handy when adding images or links to other files located on the server. The editor ships with source files in all poplar scripting languages making it possible to use the feature with a minimal effort. However, ASP code was written in VBScript and didn't integrate well into my security model, so I decided to write my own one weekend.