Viewing all items in XML reports

Those who tried XML reports have noticed that there are no links at the bottom of the reports if the number of the items, like hosts or referrers is greater than the configured top number of items. The reason for this is that, unlike with HTML reports, it does not make much sense to generate the same XML data twice (i.e. once in the top items report and another time in the report listing all items). I have been experimenting with various approaches to this problem and finally have found a solution I like.

Moving Linux installation to new hardware

I finally decided to abandon the old 700 MHz box I was using as a CVS repository and to do Fedora builds of Stone Steps Webalizer. The replacement machine was not new, but I just cannot complain about a 2.8GHz CPU and extra storage! Before this weekend, I never restored a Linux backup onto new hardware and I learned a thing or two about Linux in the past couple of days.

BBCode parser

While most content management systems, such as blogs, allow users edit HTML directly, more specialized ones, such as discussion forums, allow users to use alternative syntax that is easier to control and adapt to particular needs. BBCode, which stands for Bulletin Board Code, is one example of such alternative.