Choosing a new camera

It would be great if there was a pocket-size camera that could capture any possible scene in any possible light, but, just as there is no one type of a car that is equally good for off-road driving and Formula One racing, cameras come in a variety of types and shapes and sometimes it is quite daunting to pick one off the wall of cameras. This post offers some thoughts on how different types of cameras work out for various types of photography and, hopefully, will be useful for someone who took occasional pictures with a randomly-picked camera and would like to take photography to the next level either by learning more about the existing camera or getting a new one.

Cameras range from a cell phone camera, which is always with you, but is quite limiting in its capabilities, to a DSLR that can capture just about anything, but requires some skill to operate and some upper body strength to carry around. The rest of this post describes almost everything in this range and how each choice works for specific types of photography.

Airline Security Theater

I recently visited Newfoundland for a few days and traveled to Elliston, which is famous for their puffin viewing site and root cellars. One of the information signs next to a group of root cellars described how people of Elliston harvested partridge berry in the past and, inspired by this story, I bought a couple of jars of partridge berry jam at Nanny's Root Cellar Kitchen, as small a present for my friends back in Ontario.

When I was leaving Newfoundland, I didn't want to put glass jars in the checked-in baggage and took them with me to the cabin instead, without a smallest thought that a couple of jars of jam could present any trouble at the airport. How wrong I was.