How much worse can tech support get? Apparently, a lot...

I remember the times when ISP support personnel knew the mechanics of mail transfer. It seems, however, that these times are gone forever - every time I call Bell Sympatico Support, I have to spend more and more time explaining what went wrong and most of the time end up working around problems on my end.

About a couple of weeks ago I started having problems with mail messages sent in non-Latin encodings - all non-Latin characters would be replaced with question marks. At first, I suspected Outlook Express, which hasn't been updated for a while and now is discontinued by Microsoft, but trying different mail clients indicated that the problem was with the Bell's POP3 server.

A look back and plans for 2009

I made nine releases of Stone Steps Webalizer in 2008. The most notable feature added in 2008 was XML/XSL reporting, which gives website administrators full control over generated HTML. About six thousand people downloaded various number of copies in 2008.

One of the challenges of 2008 was lack of funding - not a single donation was contributed to help the project in 2008. Hardware, some commercial software and co-location are not cheap and I hope to see more support in 2009.

Time to think about new features. Here is what I have in mind, ordered by priority. If you think something is missing, leave a comment or start a discussion thread in the forums.