Node vs. JS

Being able to run server-side JavaScript predates Node.js by quite a bit. In early 2000's I was working on an application server called Tango and one of its features was the ability to run server-side JavaScript code in Mozilla's JavaScript engine, SpiderMonkey. Later on, I started using ASP with JavaScript, which worked just fine on its own for smaller tasks and for heavy workloads I interfaced ASP/JavaScript via COM with C++.

Eventually, Classic ASP got too slow and too outdated and the choice was either to move to ASP.Net or Node.js, which was picking up steam at the time. I ran a number of performance tests while trying to figure out a good path for transitioning a large application off Classic ASP and without concurrency Node ran JavaScript code incredibly fast, leaving equivalent ASP.Net tests far behind, but multiple concurrent requests made it evident that the more JavaScript is in a Node application, the slower it runs. This pretty much is still the case today.